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Sheykah is the home for people being interested in breathwork, music for breathwork and meditation and the home for people embracing life in general.

“Breathe in

breathe out

feel more grounded“

Sheykah offers -mostly- online-courses for breathwork (Pranayama-method) and music supporting your practise. The „life“-section contains articles, blogs and thoughts on people postively influencing the community of all living beings and actions concerning life on this beautiful planet.

I’m your instructor to walk the way of breath, life and music with you:

My name is Andy Grosskopf. A born, raised and trained musician (sax, flute, didgeridoo) and therefore as long as I can imagine doing breathwork. Practising different breathing-methods and -exercises for being a woodwind-player and doing meditation for about 20 years and TaiChi and QiGong for a decade now, led me to dive deeper into the subject of breathwork. When I found the Pranayama breathwork-courses by Michael Bijker (YogaLAP) I took the chance – during the corona-lockdown – to complete two online-courses and afterwards taking a breathwork-trainer-course to be a certified breathwork trainer.

Just as in music, it is a pleasure and fulfillment for me to share the joy, positive results and live-embracing aspects with you. I love knowing people leaving a concert being full of positive vibrations just as they are after a breathwork-session.

I hope you feel the same after practising with me!

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